Domaine des Terrisses

Brigitte et Alain Cazottes


40 hectares


Spread out around the town of Albi, the Gaillac vineyards extend over 73 communes along the Tarn river. The appellation includes significantly different terroirs , the results of different geological strata, which include limestone plateaus, hillside vineyards with limestone and clay soils and alluvial plains with soils of gravel and sand. The climate is more Mediterranean than Atlantic and the vineyards benefit from a warm and dry autumn. The wines can have a balance of concentration and restraint that is rare and the appellation’s local grape varieties enhance the originality of Gaillac’s wines.

Domaine des Terrisses has been the property of the Cazottes family since 1750. The vineyard is situated along the “Premiere Cotes” of Gaillac, the hillsides facing south-southwest toward the Tarn river. The vineyard is planted almost entirely with the traditional grape varieties of the region; Mauzac and Len de L’ehl for the whites and Braucol and Duras for the reds. Domaine des Terrisses offers a wide range of wines which is typical of the Gaillac appellation and is a reminder of the region’s long historical and cultural links with wine.


Domaine des Terrisses Methode Gaillacoise Doux

The Gaillacoise Doux is produced in the traditional method, one that predates the Methode Champenoise by centuries. This “methode ancienne” differs fundamentally by consisting of only one fermentation. At Domaine des Terrisses, fermentation is done in tank at a controlled temperature and stopped by filtration. In times prior to electricity the same end was achieved when the vat house chilled from winter weather and the wines would stop fermenting. With warmer temperatures in the spring, the fermentation resumes The Methode Gaillacoise is a blend of 75% Mauzac and 25% Len de L’ehl. Free run and the juice from the first light pressing are used. It remains on the lees for at least a year before being disgorged.


Domaine des Terrisses Rosé   

The Rosé is produced using the saignée method with maceration lasting about 12 hours. It is a blend of 50% Syrah, 25% Braucol and 25% Duras.  

Domaine des Terrisses Blanc Sec

The Blanc Sec is produced from a blend of 70% Len de L’ehl, 20% Mauzac and 10% Sauvignon Blanc. Juice from the first pressing is used and fermentation is in temperature controlled tanks. The wine rests on its lees until bottling, which is done toward the end of the spring.


Domaine des Terrisses Rouge

The Rouge is produced from a blend of 50% Braucol, 30% Duras and 20% Syrah. Each variety is harvested and fermented separately. Remontage (pumping over) is carried out twice daily. Racking takes place during the winter and the blending is done in the spring. The wine is held in tank for a year before bottling.