Domaine Les Ondines

Robert and Jérémy Onde


35 ha


Domaine Les Ondines is situated in the village of Sarrians in the heart of the Vacqueyras appellation. The Ondes own 6 hectares in Côtes du Rhône, 18 hectares in Vacqueyras, and 12 hectares in Côtes du Rhône Villages “Le Plan Dieu” which they farm “en fermage”. The family has grown grapes for many generations but Jérémy is the first generation to make and bottle the wine at the estate. Starting in 2008, Jérémy has farmed his vineyards in accordance with the principles of organic farming and he is awaiting certification.

Yields are kept exceptionally low and the emphasis is on keeping the purity of the fruit in the wines. In the summer of 2006 Barbara and I went to the Vacqueyras festival and I met Jeremy behind his stand. His wine was my favorite of the festival. In 2007 we went to visit him at his winery where we retasted the Vacqueyras and tasted the CDR and the Plan de Dieu. We were very impressed by the straightforwardness of his wines, the quality of fruit that he brings out and the overall balance of the wines.



Côtes du Rhône

Set at the foot of Mont Ventoux, the vineyard known as “Buissonade” is located three kilometers from Vacqueyras. The 6 hectare vineyard is comprised of three parcels which include both hillsides and a rocky plateau that resembles the soils of “Plan de Dieu”. The Côtes du Rhône is a blend of 80% Grenache and 20% Syrah. 60% of the Grenache vines were planted more than forty years ago. The Syrah is planted mostly on the rocky plateau, a terroir  which severely limits the vineyard’s yields and is responsible for the dark and wild herb “garrigue”flavors in the wine.


Côtes du Rhône Villages “Le Plan de Dieu “

Well if this is God’s plan, it is a good one. The wine is a blend of 70% Grenache and 30% Syrah. Some of the Syrah is aged in barrel (no new oak of course) for up to 18 months, otherwise the wines are all matured in tank.


Vacqueyras Rouge

The Vacqueyras is a blend of 60% Grenache, 30% Syrah and 10% Cinsault. The Cinsault vines are over 50 years old. The vineyard is situated in the “plateau des Garrigues” which is an alluvial plateau filled with gravel and pebbles. The three varieties are fermented separately in stainless steel vats. The syrah is matured in barrels, not new, for at least nine months after which a blend is made from the different components.


Vacqueyras Blanc

Vacqueyras Blanc is quite rare and the Ondes have less than a hectare planted to white grapes. The wine is a blend of some typical southern rhone varieties with 80% made up from grenache blanc, bourbelenc and clairette and 20% from roussanne. The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks and the juice rests on the lees until bottling in the spring.


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