La Maison Ferré

Gregoire Ferré 

Gregoire Ferré left his familial farm in 2009 and crossed the valley in the Perche part of Normandy to purchase 60 hectares. This farm has 24 hectares of orchards both apples and pears, 30 hectares of cereals and the rest pastureland for beef. His father continues to look after the dairy cows on the old family farm across the valley. The previous owner of Gregoire’s farm produced calvados but not cider, which Gregoire began in 2010. Although not certified organic, Gregoire Ferré farms without the use of chemicals.


Cidre Brut “La Cave de Gabriel”


This cider is named for the grandfather of Gregoire’s wife. It is blended from up to 30 varieties of apples with the goal of balancing freshness (acidity) fruity/floral aromas and tannins. The apples are harvested between September and mid-December once they have fallen to the ground. Gregoire uses an old press built in 1954 that was designed to be mobile so that it would make the rounds from farm to farm during and after harvest time. It extracts only 50% of the possible juice and takes two hours to clean in between pressings, so it is not practical, but for Gregoire the results justify the pain. The fermentation occurs from indigenous yeasts and the cider is bottled without the addition of more yeast. It finishes its fermentation in bottle over the course of at least 3 months.