Le Lieu Cheri


Patrice and Alexandre Desfrieches


The Desfrieches have farmed in the Vallée de la Touques, part of the Pays D’Auge in Normandy, for four generations with the traditional mix of orchards and cows. Today, it is Fabrice and his son Alexandre who manage their 19 hectares of orchards, mostly apples, including some 100+ year old trees, and some pear trees. They have always made calvados but started producing cider, which is Alexandre’s responsibility, only in 2006. Although not certified organic, the Desfrieches farm traditionally, favoring biodiversity, and do so without the use of chemicals.


Cidre Fermier Brut


The cider is blended from up to 20 varieties of apples with a predominance of bittersweet varieties. The apples are harvested between September and December once they have fallen to the ground and the Desfrieches make two or three passes for each tree. The fermentation occurs from indigenous yeasts and after a number of rackings and a light filtration, the cider is bottled without the addition of more yeast. It finishes its fermentation in bottle, in a cool cellar (50◦F) over the course of 4 to 6 months.