Les Vergers de La Chapelle


Marie-Agnès Herout


The Herout family has farmed in the Cotentin part of Normandy, for many generations and today it is Marie-Agnès Herout who manages the 9 hectares of apple orchards. The growers of Cotentin have applied to the French government to receive an AOP status for their ciders, hoping to make it the second region in Normandy to be accorded such a status. The original application was made 14 years ago. Marie-Agnès believes that they will receive the AOP next year. Les Vergers de la Chapelle is a certified organic farm and the Herouts have conserved many trees planted in the 1940’s.


Cidre Bouché “Cuvée Contentin”


This cider is blended from at least a dozen varieties of apples with a predominance of bitter and bittersweet varieties. The two principal varieties are Petit amer and Binet rouge, both local Cotentin varieties. The apples are harvested between October and mid-December once they have fallen to the ground and Marie-Agnès makes several passes for each tree. The apples are conserved in wooden crates to further ripen before being washed, crushed and then pressed in a traditional wooden press. Fermentation occurs from indigenous yeasts at very low temperatures and very slowly. After the cider is racked, it is bottled without the addition of more yeast. It finishes its fermentation in bottle, in a temperature controlled cellar over the course of several months.