Marcel Giraudon

 Marcel, Aurelie and Thibaut Giraudon


18.5 ha


Chitry-Le-Fort, as the name suggests, was once a fortified town and in the Middle Ages the main road, La Grande Rue, formed the boundary between the lands of the Count of Tonnerre in Champagne and the Count of Auxerre in Burgundy. In the 19th century wines of Chitry were sold under the name of Chablis and more recently in 1929 the wines were accorded the name of Bourgogne des Environs de Chablis. Today Chitry is one of four viticultural communes of the Auxerrois and wines are labeled as Bourgogne or Bourgogne Chitry.


The Giraudon family has been farming and making wine in Chitry for centuries, and the current proprietor, Marcel Giraudon, follows very traditional methods in his work. Their vineyards are on hillsides of Kimmeridgian chalky marl as one finds in Grand Cru Chablis. Yields in the vineyard are kept modest and harvesting is done by hand. For the white wines, fermentation is carried out in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks and for the pinot noir mainly fiberglass vats are used with a “drapeau d’eau” for temperature control.


Bourgogne Aligoté

The terroir at Chitry is particularly well suited for the Aligoté grape which makes up 40 percent of the vines planted in the area. Marcel Giraudon has six of his 18.5 hectares planted to Aligoté. The wine goes through a malo-lactic fermentation which adds a lovely middle palate to its vibrant fruity and mineral qualities.


Bourgogne Chitry (Pinot Noir) 

The Pinot Noir in this terroir offers a wine of great freshness and purity. It is light in color, wonderfully aromatic, fruity and refreshing. The grapes are 85% de-stalked and the wine receives a pre-fermentation maceration of a couple of days.


Bourgogne Chitry Rosé

The Giraudons also make a “serious” Rosé from Pinot Noir. It is a wine that improves for a few years in the bottle. Until recently Marcel Giraudon bottled it in a dark green bottle so that customers only interested in the “pinkness” of Rosé would not be enticed.