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Wishing All A Happy New Year!


May 2017 fulfill all of your 
hopes and wishes

We look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Barbara, Ed, Jani, Leigh, Danny, Gabe, Nadim




Wednesday December 7th Wine Traditions Bar Takeover @ Broadway Bistro in Providence!



Don't miss the Champagne Tasting! This Saturday, December 10th at Restaurant Ris, 2275 L St NW, Washington, DC 

Champagne Tasting this Saturday at Restaurant Ris

Walk around Champagne tasting at Restaurant Ris
December 10 2016
1:00pm – 3:00pm
$15 tasting Fee due at the time of registration

We would like to invite you to a tasting of champagnes from the Wine Traditions portfolio.  This is an outstanding opportunity to taste some of our favorite champagnes from small producers, and stock up your cellars for the holidays. There will be 20 fabulous Champagnes open to taste between 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Ed Addiss and Barbara Selig, the owners of Wine Traditions, will be with us to present his collection of small artisan champagne producers.

This tasting is $15 per person due at the time of registration. With the purchase of 6 or more bottles the tasting fee will be applied to the purchase. To RSVP please call Arrowine DC at (202) 785-0785 or email

Wine Traditions Ltd. was created in 1996, the collaborative project of Edward Addiss and Barbara Selig. The philosophy of Wine Traditions is to discover independent winemakers whose passion for their vineyard and mastery of their winemaking craft combine to create a product that is a beautiful expression of the land from which it comes.  They believe their portfolio demonstrates that wonderful wines can be found beyond well-known appellations and need not be overpriced.  For them, wine is meant to be enjoyed with dinner, every day and at prices that make it an appropriate component of the meal. Their wines feature indigenous varieties and are traditionally made, all farmed following sustainable if not organic and biodynamic principles.

What we will be pouring:

Brut NV
Brut Prestige NV
Blanc de Blanc NV
Brut Rose NV

C. de Pinots 1er Cru brut NV
Terre de Sables, 1er Cru Brut NV
La Pucelle, 1er Cru Brut Non Dosage
1er Cru Brut Vintage 2003

Thierry Triolet
Brut NV
Grand Reserve NV 
Vieille Vigne Vintage 2011
Brut Rose NV 

Dumont Pére et Fils
Brut NV (750)
Brut Rose NV
Brut Vintage 2006
Douce Cuvee 

José Michel et Fils 
Brut NV (750)
Brut NV Pinot Meunier
Blanc de Blanc 2007
Cuvee du Pere Houdart Vieux Millesimes

RSVP to Champagne Tasting
Thank you for supporting the work we do.
Michelle, Ed and Aidan

Alain Cazottes is featured in online food and dining journal The Daily Meal


Geeking Out On Gaillac: "Secret" Wines from Southwest France

From, by Wanda Mann
Geeking Out On Gaillac: "Secret" Wines from Southwest France
 Carole Fontanier (Communications Manager, Wines of Gaillac), Fred Dex(Master Sommelier), Yours Truly, winemaker Nicolas Hirissou (Domaine du Moulin), and  winemaker Alain Cazottes(Domaine des Terrisses).

Blame it on Fred Dex, Master Sommelier - I recently spent an afternoon gleefully "geeking out on Gaillac." Fred enthusiastically describes Gaillac as "one of the geekiest wine regions in France, if not the world" for the amazing diversity of its grapes and wine styles. From international varieties like Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah to lesser-known indigenous grapes like Loin de l'Oeil and and Duras, Gaillac is an absolute paradise for wine lovers in search of authentic, honest, and expressive wines that convey a sense of place.


Located in Southwest France in the heart of the Midi-Pyrénées region, the Gaillac wine-growing region benefits from Mediterranean heat and the ocean humidity of Bordeaux. Gaillac lays claim to the oldest vineyards in Southwest France - their rich tradition of winemaking goes back 2,000 years. Gaillac wines are not cookie-cutter but do share a rugged elegance that is absolutely endearing. Although Gaillac wines are not yet a household name abroad, the secret is getting out. 

Domaine des Terrisses 2014 ($15)
 is a delicious introduction to the Gaillac style. A blend of Loin de l'Oeil (70%), Mauzac (20%), and Sauvignon Blanc (10%), this dry white wine's lively tropical, citrus, and herbaceous flavors taste quite unique but have a tinge of familiarity. Domaine des Terrisses has been the property of the Cazottes family since 1750 and their 7 generations of experience is evident in their award-winning wines. 

Alain Cazottes, Domaine des Terrisses


Domaine des Terrisses also produces a wonderful red - Grand Tradition Rouge 2014 ($15). A balanced blend of Braucol (50%), Duras (30%) and Syrah (20%), this bold wine has a rustic elegance and flavors of dark cherry, blackcurrant, and a touch of pepper. A great match with a steak or burger. 


Autumnal Hues in Cahors, Château La Caminade


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