Champagne Thierry Triolet
Côtes de Sezanne
10 hectares

The Champagne house of Thierry Triolet is located in the village of Bethon. The vineyards in Bethon are part of the Côtes de Sezanne region of Champagne which begins about 20 miles southwest of Epernay and extends southward from the town of Sezanne. Geologically, this narrow band of hills is a continuation of the more massive Côtes des Blancs. Traditionally,the Sezanne vineyards have been a source of excellent Chardonnay grapes for the large negociant Champagne houses to the north.




Brut Non-Vintage

The Brut NV is a blend of Chardonnay 70% and Pinot Noir 30%. It is blended from mature wines, usually from three different vintages which after blending are put in the bottle to rest for a minimum of two years on the lees. Dosage is 10g/l. This produces a floral yet richly textured house style. The dosage of 12 grams underscores the floral, “bel canto” nature of the cuvee.


Grande Reserve

The Grande Reserve is made entirely from Chardonnay and is a blend of vintages which includes a large proportion of reserve wines. The champagne stays an average of 3 years “sur lie” before disgorgement. Dosage is 10 grams.


Vieilles Vignes

The Vieilles Vignes is a vintage Champagne produced only in the best years. It is made entirely from Chardonnay and is harvested from one parcel with vines that are at least 40 years old. Dosage is 9 grams. This cuvée evolves beautifully over time.



The Rosé Champagne combines a base of Chardonnay with 15% red wine. The red wine is a 50/50 blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. In very ripe vintages, M. Triolet will keep a vat of “Pinot” and allows it to mature in the cellar. The red wine is blended with Chardonnay and the “assemblage” undergoes the second fermentation followed by an extended period “sur lattes”. It is bottled with the “liqueur de triage” , a blend of sugar and yeasts (12 grams sugar), to produce a charming Rosé Champagne.