Domaine Castera

Christian and Franck Lihour


10 ha


Jurancon Sec

A small quantity of Petit Manseng ( approximately 5%) is added to Gros Manseng to make the Jurancon Sec. The grapes are harvested in mid October and fermented in small stainless steel tanks allowing different parcels to be fermented separately. The fermentation tanks are kept at a low temperature prolonging the process and preserving the intense fruit qualities of the grapes. The wines rest “sur lie” with frequent stirring until the following spring when the wines are assembled and bottled.


Cuvée Privilège

The “Cuvée Privilège” is made entirely from Petit Manseng. Harvesting takes place typically during the last half of November after the grapes have benefited from the warm weather arriving with the winds from Spain. The Petit Manseng ferments slowly in stainless steel tanks and then is aged in barrel (25% new) for one year. M. Lihour uses a variety of barrel makers including barrels made from his own acacia trees.

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