Beaujolais Vintage Reports 2018


Domaine du Crêt de Bine (Sarcey), Florence Subrin :

Our impressions of the 2018 vintage were variable over its course, as well as what we perceived to be its distinctive aspects. It was very difficult, yet very successful. Overall, the weather in France, and in particular in our region, was brutal, with a hot and wet Spring, followed by a very dry summer/early autumn. We were vigilant and meticulous with Biodynamic preparations and treatments, and succeeded in avoiding the classic cryptogamic ailments (insect blights) of Spring. As a  result we achieved dense fruit set. We willingly green harvested over 3 hectares in order to control yields, to ensure full ripeness and quality, and also to ensure the continuing health and vigor of our vines. This was of primary importance, as the extreme drought of summer was very hard on the vines.

We began harvesting on the 3rd of September, beautiful fruit, no trace of botritys, and vinified as we usually do, following Demeter requirements. To note: cold fermentation, indigenous yeasts, no additives or intervention, minimal use of SO2. 2018 is a beautiful vintage, ripe and fresh, with a lovely aromatic tension.


Domaine Foretal (Vauxrenard), Jean-Yves Perraud :

For the 2018 vintage, we had exceptional quality due to extremely favorable climate conditions.

Harvests started at the end of August for Moulin a Vent and Julienas and at the very beginning of September for the Beaujolais Villages

Moulin a Vent : deep violet color, nose of black fruits, cherries, kirch with fine tannins and long on the palate.

Julienas : deeply colored, nose of ripe red fruits, black fruits on the palate with very lovely length and finesse

Beaujolais Village : ruby color, deep aromas of red fruits, red fruits  on the palate (black cherries) very fresh in mouth with good length.



Beaujolais Vintage Reports 2016


Domaine du Crêt de Bine (Sarcey) Florence Subrin :

2016: a difficult “departure”…..but a beautiful “arrival”

 The vines suffered during the cold and rainy spring, the vegetative cycle fell behind and cryptogamic diseases (in particular mildew) were formidable. We redoubled our work, reinforced our plant based sprays with essential oil of rosemary. In the end, we managed to contain the disease, despite doses of copper which we were required to administer in order to conform to the strict regulations of Demeter. Our luck is to have been spared the frost which ravaged several neighboring areas.

The beautiful warm weather that came with the very first days of summer released a spectacular vegetal growth. The heat and dryness cleansed the vegetation. With a remarkable September, the summer ended beautifully, creating conditions for an unexpected ripeness. We began havesting the 24th September. Thanks to the “Indian summer” the grapes achieved full maturity, aided by sufficient, but not excessive yields (around 45 hl per hecatare).


Domaine de Foretal (Vauxrenard),  Jean-Yves Perraud :

 At our Domaine, the vintage 2016 went very well. Good yields, very clean fruit.

Harvest from September 17th through September 30th.

For the white, very aromatic wine (citrus, white flowers), lovely length, very well balanced.

For the reds, lovely ruby purple color for the Beaujolais-Villages, violet for Julienas and Moulin a Vent.

Aromas of small red fruits with suppleness on the palate for the Beaujolais-Villages.

Aromas of black fruits, kirsch, lovely length with very fine tannins for Julienas and Moulin a Vent.

The 2016 is a promising vintage, fruity wines with very good aging potential



Beaujolais Vintage Reports 2015


Domaine du Crêt de Bine, François and Marie-Therèse Subrin (Sarcey) 

2015 : An exceptional vintage

 Rarely is there a spring, summer and then autumn as hot and dry as this year. The extended heat wave in summer, temperatures around 40° in the shade for several weeks, made for extreme conditions for our Gamay in granite soils.  The several rainstorms at the beginning of August brought 50 mm of water (without hail) and saved the crop. The heat returned at the end of August and we began harvest very early starting the 4th of September. With our grapes, very healthy and “swelled” by sun, we will have cuvées, though certainly of limited quantity, but of a balance that is rarely equaled. 2015 will stay in our memories as winemakers an exceptional vintage de garde. 

Domaine Foretal (Vaurenard) Jean-Yves Perraud :

 At our domaine,, the 2015 vintage is exceptional.

Harvest took place beginning August 29th through September 7th ; so a very precocious year.

For the white, the wine is very rich, with aromas of citrus, with the color of a stong white and lots of richness on the palate.

For the red, the Beaujolais-Village has a deep violet color with aromas of red fruits, ripe on the palate. In this vintage, the palate is very fruity and well balanced with very fine tannins, with round texture.

For the Julienas and Moulin A Vent, the color is a very deep red, with pronounced aromas of black fruits. In the mouth is chrunchy fruits of blackberry and black cherry (Moulin A Vent), the wines are very well balanced with fine silky tannins, a lovely length, promising “vin de tres belle garde”.

What to remember about this vintage, is that we have wines of excellent balance and superb color, wines that are rich and powerful, but are also wines of finesse.



Domaine Romuald Petit (Saint Verand) :

 The 2015 vintage was marked by heat, and intense dryness.

Harvest began August 28th, two weeks early, maturity was excellent, and the sanitary state of the grapes was exceptional.

For the reds, the 2015 vintage will be probably be among the best vintages that we have had here in recent decades.

The Morgon and Chiroubles 2015 have intense color, aromas of black fruits and spices, an imposing structure, and silken tannins.



Beaujolais Vintage Reports 2014


Domaine Nicolas Chemarin (Marchampt) :

 The spring of 2014 was quite advanced, dry and hot, the vines took off very quickly!

The following june, july and august were cooler and less sunny, nice weather returning at the end of august,  with much heat from the North wind and not another drop of rain until the harvest, which for me began on September 20th, lasting until October 1st.

The harvest was good both in quality and quantity, 2014 is a very good vintage in Beaujolais, resembling 2011 and 2009.

The wines have a beautiful black cherry color, with a lot of fruit and concentration!

For me the issue is to not extract too much in order to keep the freshness and finesse (which I search to achieve every year in my wines).

Our news, I harvested an new parcel in Morgon this year “Courcelette” the wines there are more structured, with a nose and mouth much more on black fruits than Morgon “Les Charmes”, inconveniently, the parcel is small and the quatities are very limited!!! (of course!!)

As for the rest, I’m sending you now the 2013 and I think that for the next part of the year, the 2013 is a vintage with lots of minerality and very fresh red fruit, personally, l like it a lot!


Domaine Foretal (Vauxrenard) Jean-Yves Perraud :

 2014 is a precocious vintage,  starting from the beginning of harvest on the 11th of September.We have a vintage which is much like 2011, with deep colored wines, strongly perfumed with red and black fruits.

The wines are stuctured, with a long finsh, in all, it is a very promising vintage.