Loire Vintage Reports 2018


Verdier-Logel (Côtes du Forez), Odile Verdier :

The  2018 vintage was an unusual one in the vineyards of the Côtes du Forez. With the pre-mature start to the vegetative cycle and a rainy spring, the wine makers and their entire teams needed to be extremely attentive watching over each step of development of the vines, to assure the ultimate quality of the harvest. The very hot and dry month of August posed a real test to achieving proper maturation of the grapes. In the end,  in reward for attentive and hard work in the vineyards, the harvest resulted in very good quality and quantity, Nature gave us a lovely 2018 vintage.

At The Cellar Verdier Logel there are changes to announce for 2019. Jacky, the founding winemaker will be retiring as he passes on his savoir–faire to his daughter Julie and nephew Maxime, who continue the Adventure, with the support of Odile. A tasting and welcoming cellar for vistors is under construction. The Winery remains in pursuit of it’s beautiful adventure and continues to evolve over time, passing on skills from one generation to another, to always offer wines of quality for the pleasure of its consumers.


Loire Vintage Reports 2016


Verdier-Logel (Côtes du Forez), Odile Verdier :

The year was a late one, the harvest having taken the whole month of October. Spring was rainy and the month of August really dry. Happily September rains helped to ripen the grapes. In the end the vintage was very good for Gamay. The whites had more difficulty ripening.

With a very cold month of January, the evolution of the wines is slow so far, we think we will not bottle the cuvée Volcanique until April.


Grosbot-Barbara (Saint Pourçain), Denis Barbara :

Revisiting the year 2016! A climatically catastrophic year during which we seemingly experienced all possible conditions :

Hail at the start of Spring, which was completely unexpected, then successive frosts followed by a very rainy Spring, too rainy, provoquing vine related diseases, above all mildew, which instead of attacking the leaves, attacked the grapes, leading to significant loss of quantity. These phenomena have not been seen in 20 years ! We had to to be very vigilant ; a lot of oversight and work in the vineyards.

By contrast, the summer was beautiful and hot withuout any hail, September was magnificent, ideal. The nights were cool, short of frost, and the days beautiful and hot, conditions which resulted in the concetration of polyphenols and natural sugars. Still, there remains a significant loss of yields.           

So, in terms of climate, 2016 was an unbelievable and formidable year, leaving one to think that the 2016 vintange was one to forget, but for those who carefully monitored and worked the vines to protect the grapes, the results were truly unexpected, but in the positive.

*For the reds : A good concentration of tannins,  deep rich color. In substance, chew, rich wine, ample and supple, fresh at the same time. Aromas are of freshness, small black fruits (blackberry, blueberry, cassis). On the palate, a clean attack, straightforward, good ample structure, full.

*For the whites : As in all vintages, the climatic difficulties had less impact on the quality, but , of course, affected the quantity.




Loire Vintage Reports 2015


 Domaine Grosbot-Barbara (Saint Pourçain), Denis Barbara :

  Voilà what I can say about the year 2015 and the wines of this vintage :

- Climactic year : a beautiful winter reasonably cold, but wet. A Spring without frost, quite beautiful and wet. A Summer with a very hot July, too hot, causing a surficially important drought in the vineyards. Thus, no treatment, because no maladies, the positive side.

End of July, the vines like many other plants suffer ; negative side.

They slowed down their progress, to the point of stopping vegetal development, to protect themselves. We feared for the the development of the berries. Happily, in August, the weather became more clement : hot, but with beneficial rains, no storms, nor hail! The vegetation restarted . 

In autumn, warm, then cold, but no hail. We began harvest the 9th of September (earlier than usual ; about 3 weeks in advance) under beautiful sunshine. The 12th and 13th it rained heavily ! The harvest finished on the 17th of September.



Domaine Christophe Thorigny (Vouvray) : 

For the 2015 harvest we have beautiful quality with an average yield.

The 2015 Sec has a lovely brilliance and pale gold reflections.

We have a subtle nose with notes of fleshy fruits, like pear and silex mineral notes.

On the palate we have volume and richness on the attack, white fruits in middle palate, the finish is on citrus, with delicate acid typical of Chenin which gives us beautiful length. Minerality and finesse.


Domaine de Bel Air (Pouilly Fumé), Katia Mauroy :

The year 2015, after a slightly wet Spring, was hot and dry. The harvests came early : beginning the 9th of September, with excellent ripeness ( betwee 13 an 13 % alcohol) and very successful aromas.

There is very present richness on the palate. The 2015 Pouilly Fumés reveal complex aromas of white fruits (peach, pear…) with some exotic notes (mango, litchee). The balance is good with a preserved acitidy giving harmony to the roundness.


Domaine Verdier-Logel (Côtes du Forez)Odile Verdier :

How to qualify 2015? A "sun" year?

This hot and arid year brought us very mature grapes in perfect healthy state and with exceptional alcoholic degrees.

The wines are warm and round, less fresh and lively than our usual production. On the other hand, they are very easy drinking and ready to drink young.



Loire Vintage Reports 2014


Domaine de Bel Air (Pouilly Fumé), Katia Mauroy :

The 2014 vintage is very promising. After a depressing summer, we had the great luck of benefitting from an excellent month of September, beautiful, sunny, with quite cool nights. The healthy condition of the grapes allowed us to wait to harvest until as late as possible, we started the 29th of September, and in beautiful weather.

The fermentations are now finished. The wine is well balanced, round and fruity. But there is still work to do in the cellar before the wine achieves its full expression of the vintage.


Domaine Verdier-Logel (Côtes du Forez), Odile Verdier :

The 2014 grape harvest is completed and the quality and quantity of this years crop is excellent thanks to a beautiful September which was sunny and hot . Summer weather continued on through an equally beautiful October.

The first bottling of La Cuvée des Gourmets 2014 will be at the beginning of December. Maxime’s [first] cuvée, 2013, was bottled at the beginning of September and is called “Apprendre à Lyres”.

Maxime Gillier, will be a full time wine grower starting this 2015 season. Jacky and I will continue to work with him for 5 years.

2014 is a great vintage for us. We have excellent quality and quantity, which is comforting  for us after having had two years of bad, unpredictable weather.

In the next years we will have new varieties to discover: Gewurtztraminer, Riesling, Cot, having planted new vines in 2011, 2012, 2013


Domaine Grosbot-Barbera (Saint-Pourçain), Denis Grosbot :

Until the last week-end in june, the weather was excellent for the vines.

In July and August, we had more than 40 days of rain. But, happily September and October were beautiful.

On Sepember 19 a hailstorm damaged 25% of the vineyards. I decided to not  harvest this part, too damaged.

Concering the reds, 2014 is on its fruit with good body. For the whites: A lovely aromatic freshness, good persistence with notes of citrus.


Domaine Christophe Thorigny (Vouvray) :

2014 is an excellent vintage.

The dry wine, which will be the base wine for the Brut non-vintage, is at least as good as  preceeding vintages.

I produced a late-harvest wine, of about 80 grams of residual sugar which is very good quality.