Rhone Vintage Reports 2018


Domaine Stéphane Otheguy (Côte Rotie) :

The 2018 vintage here, while a hot vintage, is also a quite balanced one. We had a cool, wet spring, which lasted  for a long while. However, lots of wind, from both the North and the South, protected the vines.
Following, everything happened quickly, fruit set, ripening onset, grape maturity. Harvesting ws also quick, taking place around the 20th of September. Very few treatments: 1-3 maximum. Though the end of August was dry, the vines suffered less than in 2017.

Domaine les Ondines (Vacqueyras) Jeremy Ondes :

The 2018 vintage was a particularly low yielding vintage due to the incessant rains during flowering.The vintage was however abundant in syrah, and of quite lovely quality.The whites are aromatic and in good quantity.



Rhone Vintage Reports 2016


Domaine Stéphane Otheguy (Cote Rotie) :

 A very wet Spring, a not very hot summer, except for the end of August, though, as the days became shorter. Here in the north of the Rhone Valley, we were spared frost and hail. That rendered a vintage of decent volume and wines of more finesse than 2015, alcohol levels around 12%. The cold entered the cellars quickly following, the malos will happen in the Spring.


 Domaine les Ondines (Vacqueyras), Jeremy Ondes :

 An excellent vintage full of black fruits with a balance of acidity and tannins, even more beautiful than 2015 Vacqueyras! A bit more alcohol with a very rich texture. The yields are the same as 2015! Great wines to come!



Rhone Vintage Reports 2015


Domaine Stephane Otheguy (Cote Rotie) :

 Concerning 2015 : good rainy Spring, a very hot summer with rain from the beginning of July until August 10th, allowing the vines a good start off in their development towards an excellent maturity.

From this perspective, powerful wines!!


Domaine les Ondines (Vaqueyras), Jeremy Ondes :

 The 2015 vintage is proving to be very good at Domaine les Ondines :

A healthy and ripe crop supplied the matter and potential for the elaboration of complex white wines and red wines with very fruity aromas.

It was a short duration harvest, with no rainy days to interrupt the team’s work. In addition, the arrival of  new wooden tronconique cone-shaped fermenting vats and wooden foudres will bring the necessary touch to soften this years red wine.The characteristics of the 2015 wines at Ondines are : 

White Wine:

Spontaneous fermentation took place over a long duration, especially the Vaqueras blanc. As a result, the nose will be more discreet than last year’s.  On the other hand the white wines posess a great aromatic complexity : fruity, floral and spicy. A frequent stirring of the lees increases the richness on the palate and the length of finish.

Rosé Wine:

The rosé wines have a very amylic nose (banana, English bon-bons) due to fermentation at low temperature resulting in the “re-suspension” of the lees. Very fresh and fruity wines.

Red Wine:

 Ripe and impeccably healthy red grapes, allowing for better extractions from the berries themselves, the different varieties and of the terroir.

We thus have wines whose expression is dominated by ripe fruit. These wines will be accessible to all, initiates to wine, wine enthusiasts and those who are passionate wine consumers



Rhone Vintage Reports 2014


Le Domaine de Lucie (Crozes-Hermitages), Lucie Fourel :

 Concerning the Vintage 2014:

-In the vineyard : very early start to the season, then the end of spring and beginning of summer only moderately hot which returned the growing season to its normal cycle (harvests between September 20thand October 5th).  In the spring, the temperatures were not very hot, so we were able to work the vines and the soils, without being deterred by the heat. Nice flowering with very good bunch set. Hot month of June until the beginning of July, then uneven weather in July, it was necessary to watch out out possible mildew outbreak. July 26th: hail hit the entirety of the vines, with a marked loss of grapes and a partial destruction of leaf canopy. We were quite fearful because the beginning of August saw pockets of acid rot, which were finally contained by a superb sunshine lasting from mid August to mid September, permitting the grapes to achieve an optimal maturity. There were a few passing storms during harvest, but the skins of the grapes were resistant and we now have a lovely vintage of small yields, but very gourmand.

-In the cellar : vinifications were succesful with fermentations starting quickly, today, all the reds have finished their malo-lactic fermentation and are maturing now in demi-muid (Saint Jaimes) and in stainless steel vat (Les Pitchounettes Rouge). The hail was too destructive in the parcel Saviaux, we did not produce this cuvée this year. The white, for its part, always being more capricious in finishing its malo, should be finished, as is usual, in the spring.


Domaine Les Ondines (Vacqueyras), Jeremy Onde :

 - 2014 Vintage :Superb in white and rosé ; red is a vintage more on its fruit.

- Stopping strawberry production allows us to focus on the cellar and thus the wine.

- Technical improvement in the cellar with new vats and pumps (the pumps are already in place) and more modifications to come.

- New plantings of 3 ha are planned for Vaqueyras rouge